Honoring Earth Day: Simple Ways Christians Can Be Good Stewards of Creation

Honoring Earth Day: Simple Ways Christians Can Be Good Stewards of Creation

As we approach Earth Day, it is essential to take a moment to consider how we can make our planet a better place for future generations. As Christians, we have a special responsibility to be good stewards of the Earth and to include care for all creation in our daily lives. Let's take a moment to reflect on some simple yet impactful ways we can honor Earth Day.


One of the easiest ways to reduce our environmental impact is by reducing our use of plastic. Consider looking for alternatives to plastic, such as reusable items like bags, containers, and water bottles. By using these items, we can reduce the amount of plastic that ends up in landfills and oceans, which harms wildlife and their habitats.


Another simple way to honor Earth Day is to pick up any litter in your local area. Whether it's on your block or in a nearby park, cleaning up trash can have a significant impact on the environment. By removing litter, we can help prevent it from harming animals and polluting our waterways.


Take a moment to appreciate the intricate beauty of nature. Take a walk and observe the beauty of creation, from the intricacy of a flower to the majesty of a bird. Offer a prayer of thanksgiving for the diversity of creation and for its protection. Ask God how you can be a good steward of creation.


Finally, consider planting native plants such as purple coneflower or swamp milkweed. These plants attract pollinators such as butterflies and the Rusty Patched Bumblebee, which are vital for our ecosystem's health.


To assist you in honoring Earth Day, The Global Solidarity Team at Our Lady of Peace is giving away packets of Purple Prairie Clover seeds after each Mass on April 22/23. Purple Prairie Clover is local to our area and can attract pollinators to your garden.


As we celebrate Earth Day this weekend, let us remember our responsibility as Christians to be good stewards of the Earth. By taking small steps, we can make a significant impact on the environment and help protect it for future generations.


Global Solidarity Committee